Wii mouse.Welcome. This site exists as a host for what I've determined I can't achieve with social media. The goal is to have a healthier foundation for sharing thoughts and content while maintaining an appropriate amount of privacy and less time spent obsessing over it. I'm still working with it and it'll likely be a WIP indefinitely. The content shared here will mostly consist of thoughts and opinions on certain subjects, my interests, and possibly my collections down the road. As you can probably guess, it isn't mobile-friendly and likely never will be. As of right now, this site is best viewed with Firefox.

My knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript is very limited. I'm learning as I go and this project is held together with tape. For this reason, I advise against looking at my code for reference. This is a hobby, not a career; if I've done something incorrectly and it still does what I was looking to achieve, I consider it correct for simplicity's sake.

More content will be added as time goes on. For now, just having a decent index page is the goal. Thanks for reading, and hopefully I have more shit to comb through next time you visit.


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